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Your Productive Home

Privates offices come customized as Executive Suites or Studios for teams of up to five members. Real walls offer the privacy you need, while a minimalist industrial aesthetic creates the perfect canvas to personalize your space and make it your working home. Host clients and collaborators hassle-free (and free of charge) in your office and in our spacious, fully A/V equipped meeting rooms.

The Essentials & Beyond

Keeping you connected, comfortable, energized, and inspired. The best possible wi-fi connection services every office, meeting room, and the surrounding indoor and outdoor common areas. Refrigerators and cupboards stay stocked with all kinds of complimentary beverages and Peet’s coffee. Be empowered with 24/7 access and every amenity.

An Artistic Arsenal

Members have complimentary access to a photo studio (Cyclorama Wall), a 3D printer makerlab, Sonos surround sound, a PA system, a projection wall and projector, art hanging apparatuses, and more!

The Creative Community

Surround yourself with a diverse group of passionate, imaginative individuals, companies and products, and see how you thrive. Our offices are designed for and exclusively utilized by the Creative Industries, striking the perfect balance between private spaces and communal hangouts to nourish the coming together of ideas, collaborations, and craft.

Yin & Yang

The building is perfectly balanced so that you can be too. A wall down the middle separates the offices from the events and activities areas. Need to recharge your brain, find your center, ground yourself, let it go, or simply take a break? Unita hosts tons of recurring activities, exciting happenings, and special events in The Hall as well as the patio and rooftop areas. All offerings are complimentary for members. Enjoy regularly scheduled yoga, take part in a cacao ceremony, peruse the latest art exhibition, see a live concert or DJ set, and more. Also, you can lead your own class, showcase your artistry, surprise and inspire us!